What is Active Learning?

Active learning is “anything that involves students in doing things and thinking about the things they are doing” (Bonwell & Eison, 1991). It engages students with the course material through discussions, problem solving, case studies, role plays, and other methods.

About the Active Learning Card Deck

These cards were created by Alexis Block, a graduate assistant in the Arts and Sciences Support of Education Through Technology (ASSETT) department at the University of Colorado, Boulder. They provide 50 active learning strategies to use in your class!

These cards can serve as a resource for your teaching, whether pulling one at random or using them as a reference when planning your course. Note that some cards may involve more preparation than others. If you are a part of the University of Colorado, Boulder community, you can contact us at assett@colorado.edu to inquire about receiving a physical deck from our limited stock of cards! Otherwise, we have these cards available to download as a pdf, as well as an interactive online version hosted on our website homepage!


Some of our active learning cards were adapted from active learning strategies provided by other awesome educational resources. You can learn more about those here!